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Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
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Utility M2
Utility M2
Utility M2

Utility M2

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A general-purpose stand to fit a wide variety of small to medium-sized drum machines, desktop synths, samplers, Eurorack skiffs, or controllers.

Fits (all tiers):  Keystep, Beatstep Pro, Reface, TD-3 and RD-6, 303 and 606, Avalon, most Elektrons (not Octatrack, A4 Mk II, Rytm Mk II), Dreadbox Nyx/Erebus/Hades, 0-Coast, nanoKEY Studio, nanoKONTROL Studio, Virus desktop, Remote Zero, Blofeld, Pulse 2, Eurorack desktop synths (DFAM, M32, Behringer), Ciat-Lonbarde.

Fits (upper-tier only):  Octatrack, MPC Live, P6, and OB6 desktops, Circuit, Launchpad, Launchpad Pro, Squarp Pyramid, Rocket, Streichfett

See Stand Selector for full details.

Octatrack users:  An Octatrack fits the lower tier of the Utility M2 if you install Adapt Wings TALL on the upper tier.  They will boost your gear above the audio cables that plug into the back of the Octatrack.


  • Sleek, compact, sturdy
  • Expandable to meet your changing needs
  • Adjustable width telescoping metal tubes (not all photos updated to show telescoping tubes)
  • Rubber feet and lining for silence and stability
  • Easy tool-free assembly/disassembly
  • Precision manufactured in the USA by synth fanatics



    • Width adjustable from 6.3" to 10.1" (159 to 257 mm).  Knobs stick out an additional 0.5" (12 mm) per side
    • 12.2" deep x 9.4" tall  (309 x 239 mm) 
    • Support edge depth:  7.2" (183 mm) for the lower tier, 5.9" (151 mm) for upper-tier
    • Upper-tier support edge depth expandable another 2" (50 mm) if optional Adapt Wings installed
    • Gear can overhang the rear of the stand by roughly 1/3 of the support edge depth.  If an extra set of optional Adapt Wings are installed at the upper rear edge, then an additional 3" of overhang may be possible. CAUTION:  You should carefully determine if your overhanging gear will be stable.  In some situations, an additional set of Adapt Wings should be installed at the bottom rear to act as a "kickstand".

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