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May 2024

"Breaking News: KVGEAR Transforms into SynthRISE in 2024, Remains Committed to Innovative Product Line"

In a significant development within the tech industry, KVGEAR, a pioneering entity established in 2013, has announced its rebranding initiative, unveiling its new identity as SynthRISE. Despite this transformation, the company continues with it's core commitment to excellence and innovation.

SynthRISE assures its customers that amidst this rebranding endeavor, there will be a seamless transition and will continue with their premium-quality adjustable and expandable desktop stands across an array of sizes. This continuity underscores SynthRISE's dedication to meeting the evolving needs of its consumer base.

With a rich heritage rooted in a deep passion for synthesizers and bolstered by decades of engineering prowess, SynthRISE proudly showcases its distinctive designs. Leveraging a wealth of experience, the company melds cutting-edge technology with creative ingenuity to deliver unparalleled solutions to its patrons.

Anticipation mounts as SynthRISE teases its upcoming release slated for the summer of 2024 at Superbooth 2024. The company tantalizes enthusiasts with the promise of its latest stands, boasting patent-pending modular components. These innovative features empower users with the flexibility to adjust, reposition, or even interchange components between stands, heralding a new era of customization and adaptability in desktop stand technology.


Dec 2023

This short video is used by permission of BoBeats.

We're grateful to Bo for his thoughtful and thorough reviews of synths and related gear. And we're especially grateful for his support of KVgear.


KVgear Synth Stand Showdown

We want to give our customers a heads up - there are some low quality knockoffs out there that are trying to pass themselves off as the real deal. We take pride in offering high quality, authentic products, and we want to make sure you're not being fooled into buying something that's not up to our standards. Be careful out there, and only buy from SME music, the official distributer for KVgear products in the UK and EU, and KVgear. Our products are the real deal, and we guarantee it!"

Watch Mike Rafferty, founder and owner of KVgear as he shows the difference from the original and the copies, in our opinion it's a no-brainer!


Sep 2023

Our Kvgear stand selector has been updated, this now includes recent gear releases as well hundreds of existing and vintage products. Click here to jump straight to the page.

July 2023

Our latest release for KORG volca sample2 is now available! Offering accurate recreations of classic slow-groove drumbeats, seamlessly blending old-school nostalgia with contemporary style. Studio Sessions 3 takes you back to the soulful beats of the 80s, capturing the unmistakable sound of the world's most famous TR808.

For more information and to download your free copy click here!


 March 2023

We've just released a free data pack Studio Sessions Volume 2 - electro legends for KORG volca sample2 with 16 drum patterns and samples collection from the legendary Roland TR808 drum machine. The patterns recreate the drum part from eight classic 1980s electro songs originally released by Mann Parish, Hashim, Tyrone Brunsen, Egyptian Lover, African Bambaataa, Paul Hardcastle, C.O.D. and Pretty Tony.

For more information and to download your free copy click here! 


Sep 2022

We are pleased to announce a delivery from KVgear this week, popular items such as Adapt, BOO and Utility stands are now back in stock and ready for immediate shipment.

Should you find a product out of stock, feel free to email us with your inquiry.

July 2022

SME music launch Studio Sessions- Future Beats, Hip-Hop, R&B pattern/sample date for KORG new volca sample

SME music is proud to announce the launch of Studio Sessions, developed entirely in-house by SME owner Ian Bradshaw. Consisting of 16 performance-ready patterns, the music creator can quickly select a pattern to underpin their track, then focus on melodies, improvisation, and bass lines using other instruments. The excellent performance features found on the volca sample, facilitate easy variation and can be played live while a pattern is running.   

In addition to the patterns, 19 hand-pick samples from drum machines that graced the 1970’ and 80’s have been added to the already brilliant KORG factory data.

The product is aimed at all KORG new volca sample owners, providing inspiration and helping save time when producing music. With a strong focus on R&B, Studio Sessions gels with Hip-Hop, Future Beats, and current chilled music genres.

Full product information along with audio demonstrations can be found on the SME music website via