Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
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About SME music

SME music is part of the SME Group, a small family-run company located on the English south coast. The parent company, SME Group, was founded over 20 years ago serving clients across both Europe and the UK. SME Music utilizes the same logistics infrastructure as the parent company to provide a seamless service experience.

Founded by brothers Ian and Mark Bradshaw, our music arm of the company, was created to provide music producers with stands, accessories, and power solutions for the increasingly popular tabletop music-making equipment and DJ controllers, as well as a curated selection of tabletop synths.

Our flagship brand, KVgear, inspired our journey into this venture. Upon discovering their range, we recognized the unique advantages KVgear offers for smaller footprint products. Drawing from our extensive experience in the music industry, we understand the significance of properly setting up your gear. Not only does it enhance aesthetics, but it also improves practicality and contributes to a fulfilling experience whether you're working, playing, or simply enjoying the moment.

Our KVgear Stand Selector page features an extensive list of applications. If your specific piece of equipment isn't listed, simply provide us with the dimensions, and we'll gladly offer recommendations. Many of our KVgear products can be customized with optional telescopic bars and extension pieces as your synth collection expands. This approach eliminates the need to replace the entire stand, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Furthermore, we're committed to providing unbiased advice on the products we offer, helping you make informed decisions to meet your current and future needs.

Note: Not all KVgear stands can be expanded or updated. Please refer to product pages or reach out to us for clarification.