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Gear Rail Tube Extender Kit

Gear Rail Tube Extender Kit

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Extend the width of any Gear Rail by adding an extra set of tubes.  Choose from a variety of available tube lengths.  Price varies with tube length.  This is useful if you want to put the Gear Rail over a 61, 76 or even 88 key keyboard.  

The boot-shaped Splice Support Panel provides strength and stability to the joint between the two sets of tubes, ensuring that the extra-long Gear Rail stand will be just as solid and stable as a regular one.  Special fasteners ensure that the joint will stay tight.

This kit can be attached to any Gear Rail, whether it’s a new one you’ve just ordered, or one that you purchased in the past.

**Please message us if the tube length you require is showing as sold out, most of the time we can make up the kit to order** 


  • (1) Splice support panel
  • (2) Tubes.  Specify length when ordering
  • (2) Threaded coupler studs
  • (2) Thread-locking tape