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Adapt Wings

Adapt Wings

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Adapt Wings can be added to almost any KVgear stand and can be used in three ways:

1)  To support gear overhanging the back edge of a stand.   
  • Provides 3" of extra support
  • CAUTION: Carefully determine if your overhanging gear will be stable. In some situations an additional set of Adapt Wings should be installed per item 2 below.
    2)  To act as "kickstands" for extra stability for a stand with an unbalanced load.  
    • Because KVgear stands are designed to be highly stable, this situation will not occur often.  Kickstands can become necessary if an oversized or heavy item is placed on the top tier and items on the lower tier are removed.
    3)  To separate gear on the tiers of Adapt L1 and Adapt L2 stands.  

      Items included

      • (2) Adapt Wings with rubber trim
      • (4) Mounting screws
      • (4) Mounting wing nuts

      Compatible stands

      • Adapt L1 (1 pair of Adapt Wings included with stand)
      • Adapt L2 (2 pairs of Adapt Wings included with stand)
      • Boo-2
      • Boo-3
      • Utility M1
      • Utility M2
      • Utility M3
      • Volc 45-2
      • Volc 45-3
      • Volc 45-4
      • EDS-1K
      • EDS-2
      • EDS-3

      See Stand Selector for drawings of where Adapt Wings can be attached to stands.