Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
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Minikey Stands from £28

Minikeys controllers (e.g. Keystep) and synths (e.g. Reface) fit many of our stands.  Listed below are stands that are particularly good for this.  For details see our Stand Selector.

  • EDS-1K bottom tier is specifically for minikeys.
  • EDS-LA allows minikeys to be docked in EDS-3.
  • Utility M2 can hold minikeys on both tiers.
  • Stiletto Flat positions minikeys on top of a larger keyboard or mixer.
  • Boo-1 holds minikeys at a comfortable angle, raised off the table to allow another piece of gear to sit directly in front with cables passing underneath.
  • Adapt L1 plus Adapt Wings TALL splits the single-tier stand into two mini tiers, with minikeys sitting on top.  This is ultra-compact and it positions keys for easy playing.  Plus, it looks great!
  • Gear Rail and SubPiggy allow minikeys to be located above Moog synths or any 25 to 49 key synth.