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Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
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Key Dog

Key Dog

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Don't use a matchbook, your elbow, or masking tape, use the Key Dog to hold down a key on any synth, sampler, organ, or EP. 

  • Fits on any regular-sized keyboard and almost all minikey keyboards. 
  • A slot along the upper edge provides excellent grip for your fingertips.
  • The rubber on the bottom keeps it from slipping out of place.

You might think that a sustain pedal does the same job as a Key Dog. In some situations this is true. But during a performance, you might need to instantly turn a synth sound into a drone without having your body locked in place to hold down a sustain pedal. Another benefit comes about during improvisation: the Key Dog provides a visual indicator of the note that's being sustained. Use multiple Key Dogs to hold as many keys as you wish to play chords or loop samples.

Key Dogs are cut using a high-power industrial laser, which causes a visible deformation at the point where the cut begins.  While some might consider this to be a flaw, we like the rugged, industrial look.

Dimensions 55 x 38 x 13 mm

Weight 198 grams