Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
Synths and Accessories for Music Producers
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KORG volca collection

Introduced in 2014, the KORG volcas took the world by storm offering two analog synthesizers and analog drum machines, all three paying a respectful nod to classic synths of yesteryear.

Created by the legendary synth designer Tatsuya Takahashi, the volcas represented a lifelong ambition to bring classic hardware synths to the masses in a compact, intuitive and fun format for the price of a quality plugin. 

With nine units making up the volca lineup, the range now includes digital synthesizers, samplers, a "West-Coast" inspired modular synth and analog performance mixer.

All volcas have a unique personality and special talent within their built-in step sequencers and can be chained together for synchronized performance with other volcas or other pocket synths supporting an edge-triggered clock pulse.